【YAYOI】 Semi-Direct Wallpaper glue2
en/product_1384529.html 【YAYOI】 Semi-Direct Wallpaper glue 【YAYOI】 Semi-Direct Wallpaper glue 【YAYOI】 Semi-Direct Wallpaper glue
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【YAYOI】 Semi-Direct Wallpaper glue

【YAYOI】 Semi-Direct Wallpaper glue

Features: 1. Suitable for renovating construction site

               2. A box (6kg 3 packs) can be built about 180M2,
                   compared to the original solution of the
The glue is better.

               3. Excellent dilutability, easy to stir evenly.

               4. Use safe ingredients without adding harmful

               5. With wet adhesion, it can inhibit the gap
                   between the wallpaper after construction,
                   peeling off.

               6. The adhesion of the putty surface is also

               7. Diluted viscosity changes less, easy to use.

               8. The attachment time is prolonged, and even a
                   fast drying wallpaper can be effectively

               9. No use of 13 substances and asbestos
                   specified byJapan Life Bureau such as
                   formaldehyde and toluene

             10. No formaldehyde, low TVOC, no sniffing,
                   good viscosity,easy to clean, construction



Applicable wallpapers: vinyl wallpaper, textile wallpaper, paper wallpaper, wall cloth

Applicable substrate: gypsum board, calcium silicate board