【YAYOI】Plazol NP-2300E2
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【YAYOI】Plazol NP-2300E

【YAYOI】Plazol NP-2300E

"Rubber type latex type"


Features: 1. High CP value floor adhesive

            2. Suitable for re-construction and other sites.

            3. A barrel of 18 kg, about 60m2 (about 21 pings) can be constructed, easy to carry.

            4. Strong initial adhesion, which can suppress the deviation and bulging caused by the posting.

            5. After the hardening of the adhesive, the protrusion and the eye of the floor can be suppressed due to the high adhesion force.


            6. A short waiting time will allow for construction.

            7. There are no 13 substances and asbestos specified by the Japanese Bureau of Life, such as formaldehyde and toluene.

            8. No formaldehyde, no toluene, no pungent odor, low TVOC, easy to clean, wet and dry

               Can be constructed.



Applicable floor board: buffer floor, synthetic plastic floor sheet, carpet tile, carpet, long-length coil (net back).

Floor material : Synthetic substrate such as fully dried mortar, concrete substrate, plywood.