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Defatted Mealworm Powder

Introduction to defatted yellow worm powder:
Safety: The breeding environment, processing procedures, application aspects, etc. are in full compliance with feed hygiene standards.
              It is quite safe for livestock and poultry aquatic feed.
Stability: quality, price, supply, can quickly adjust production capacity and delivery, fully meet
              Customer demand and stable supply.
Economical: (1) Cost reduction: Compared with the same imported fishmeal, the cost difference is at least 9,000 yuan per ton.
                  (New Taiwan Dollar) above.
              (2) Nutritional components: Compared with the same imported fishmeal, the protein is above 65, and the ash is
                  Low, nano collagen content is high (11% or more).
              (3) Health value: use defatted yellow worm powder to keep livestock and animals healthy and longevity
                  Life expectancy and indirectly reduce harm to the human body.
              (4) added value: high content of antimicrobial peptide, immunoglobulin (0.87%), chitin, egg yolk
                  Such as reducing the use of antibiotics and improving reproductive efficiency.
              (5) Chitin characteristics: enhance the immune system, disease prevention, digestive health care, adsorption
                  Heavy metals such as copper, cadmium, zinc and uranium are excreted from the body.
Effects for different animals:
  1. Pig: The amount of milk produced and the number of reproduction of sows increase, reducing constipation.
  2. Avian: improved egg quality, thick egg white, reduced egg egg, intestinal and reproductive diseases
            Reduced; egg production rate and egg weight increase, fertilization rate and hatching rate increased.
  3. Aquatic animals: intestinal diseases are significantly reduced.
  4. Fur animals: Escherichia coli rate is reduced, fertilization rate, and fur quality are improved.
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