ACTOLE's strengths and effects:
Occur in cement white products (weathering), hard and difficult to dissolve stubborn white spots, ACTOLE can easily remove these difficult to remove stubborn dirt. ACTOLE is Japan's only white huahua remover that is based on modern science and combines the development of biotech enzymes with dozens of non-polluting agents. For mixed concrete or cement secondary products, it can exert excellent white ash removal and detergency. ACTOLE uses ingredients that are friendly to the environment and contain no harmful chemicals. The used washing water can be drained directly to drains and rivers.
The use and use of ACTOLE:
Washed objects: chain bricks, cement bricks, concrete, laminated bricks, mortars, bricks, eyepieces, tiles, terrazzo, exterior walls, dings, roof tiles, granite, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other cements Products.
Dirt Removal: White Hua, concrete mud plywood, scale, wash stones, rust spots, hot spring stones, moss, black mold, air pollution, other constructions finished cleaning.
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